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I've got the rest of the piers, bridges and track installed over the pond around the loop and connecting back into the end of the viaduct.

The yellow arrows are pointing to an afterthought I had. I was getting tired of lifting and carrying the heavy locos from track to storage in the shed and thought how much easier it would be to just be able to run them into the shed. It seems every time I carry a loco I break something off it, especially the new Aristo Mallets. Anyway, last year I placed a switch just before the viaduct (off the photo to the right), and laid a straight track with a down grade behind the viaduct, with no clear idea of where it would eventually go. I had been using it as a place to store a train. Well it turns out the grade put me almost level with the bottom of a side window in the shed! Back to the arrows...they will help you see this new line.