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February, 3, 2018




Last Minute Train Show Appearance - AT : THE BIG Great Scale model train show at the Timonium, Maryland fairgroundse Great Scale model train show at the Timonium, Maryland Fairgrounds

I would like to take a minute to thank Kevin Hunter for his generous sharing of space in his own Berrett Hill Trains http://www.berretthill.com/Welcome.html booth. For those unfamiliar with his company he designs and manufactures am amazing array of model railroad controls for accessories in ALL SCALES such as slow motion Tortise style turnouts, snap action style turnouts, servo controls, etc. that work with his line of TOUCH TOGGLES in your control panels. These led control panel lights can be located under your track diagram and will operate even though a glass control panel cover! All of the products in his line feature NO SOLDER CONNECTIONS. Did I mention they work in ALL SCALES?


February, 1, 2018


Last Minute Train Show Appearance - AT : THE BIG Great Scale model train show at the Timonium, Maryland Fairgrounds, just north of Baltimore, Maryland this Saturday. This is the show notice:
Little reminder:
Next weekend is the BIG Great Scale model train show at the Timonium, Maryland fairgrounds, just north of Baltimore, Maryland.
It will be in the Cow Palace there all three BIG rooms there for both days, Saturday and Sunday. This is Super Bowl weekend but since the game doesn't start until later on Sunday, there will be lots of time to browse around for those books, magazines, models or railroadianna which you just 'have to have.
One never knows how many RR historical societies may be setting up but in the recent past, the C&O, WM, PRR, Ma & Pa, B&O, ACL-SAL, N&W come quickly to mind. Who knows how many more? Come out and find out in person!
The hours are 9-5 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday. There is an admission fee but it is good for both days. Just save your color-coded wrist-band to reuse on Sunday.
A bunch of modular layouts will also be there as well in gauges of your choice so kids of all ages - lots of action to see.
Hope to see you there next weekend.
Bob Cohen

Additional info here at the Show's Web Site: http://www.gsmts.com/


New News


New News 2018 and beyond



December 15, 2017

We are back and taking another run at this whole Large Scale bridge business. Only this time everything will be made in the USA by Americans. Never going back to China or Kader and their theiving ways. They never returned or compensated in any way for stealing over $40,000 worth of tooling owned by Garden Metal Models, Inc. and are directly responsible for our amazing products disappearing from existence. That action hurt not only us here at Garden Metal Models, but directly or indirectly affected everyone in the model railroad industry in all scales, including, but not limited to the manufacturers (we are not the only ones they hurt - they kicked out 80 of their 100 companies with no notice (to GMM anyway) to even the biggest customers (with the exception of Bachmann Industries - Kader being Bachmann's parent company). You may have noticed for a number of years how the big companies really could not get new products thru the pipeline. They were plagued with delays, "accidental" mistakes", etc. that kept them from bringing not only new products, but even perpetual reruns such as track. All during these delays the only major manufacturer at the Kader factory that seemed not affected was Bachmann. In model railroad magazines there were not just one new model in one scale every couple of months, but instead new products in multiple scales every month for Bachmann. Favorite child syndrone? Perhaps.

So first up in the new line up is the Concrete Viaduct. It was listed in the New Products section of February 2018 Garden Railways Magazine and should be in circulation by now.

There is a lot of work to do to get our web site updated please be patient, it's been a while. In the mean time here's the Press Release and new product page.

Please Note new phone #410-875-7911




Subject: New Large Scale Concrete Viaduct with Piers



Pictured above is our all new Concrete Viaduct 900mm long (35-7/16) with Piers. This new item is the perfect complement to your garden railway. They are fabricated with thick, durable, tough plastic and painted with primer, then concrete color to provide U-V protection. All edges have prototypical chamfers.


Connecting and aligning multiple Viaducts is easy with the included Connecting and Alignment Plate (not shown) that aligns and locks them together.


These new items are FULLY ASSEMBLED and MADE IN AMERICA. They are packaged as follows:


Model # V01900  -   36 Concrete Viaduct with matching Piers       M.S.R.P. $349.95

Model # V01900A - 36 Concrete Viaduct Only                            M.S.R.P. $299.95

Model # V01900B - 14 High Concrete Pier Set (2 pcs.)               M.S.R.P. $  59.95


Shown above is Single Track model; Multiple Track versions are also available upon request. Please inquire for pricing. Check out our updated web site for more info.


Metric dimensions are used to match standard G Scale track geometry.


Steven Gugel 

Owner - Garden Metal Models

5806 Miriam Drive

Sykesville, MD 21784




Old News

Old News


March 1, 2013 We have sold all remaining stock consisting of 24" and 46" Deck Girder Bridges to Bridge Masters of Placentia, California. They will be your source until, if and when we ever get our missing tooling back from Kader in China. Below is contact information for Bridge Masters. They are a first class act and a pleasure to deal with.
Bridge Masters
1077 Promenade Ave.
Placentia,  CA  92870
714-985-9007  www.bridge-masters.com



May 31, 2011


Effective May 31st 2011 we will no longer be able to supply our dealers and will only be able to sell direct until our existing stock on    hand is gone. We are issuing this notice with great sadness and regret. We have delayed it as long as possible with hopes of resolving circumstances beyond our control. The issues we are facing encompass tooling and fabrication facilities. We have been and continue to do everything possible to return to production as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and welcome good wishes for success  in overcoming our difficulties.

As of the date of this notice all of the products in our line are still available.

 Please check with your favorite dealer or check our dealer listings page before ordering direct as many still have our products in stock at great prices.


March 16, 2011 We will once again be exhibiting at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show this year on March 25th and 26th. We will be in a different location - Booth 501. It was a a last minute decision to attend as a very large project we were working on was not expected to be finished in time to make it to the show. It was, however, finished earlier than expected. Please stop by our booth and say hello. Below is a list of our dealers who will be at the show:

Charles RO & Co / USA Trains

G Scale Junction

Kidman Tree Farm (first time attending this show)

RLD Hobbies

Warrior Run Loco Works (in layout room)


March 1, 2009 Due to the horrible financial situations affecting the country, our business,  and personal incomes the Viaduct has had to be postponed for a while, perhaps as much as a year. Hopefully the economy will pick up real soon and we can get back "On Track".

We will once again be exhibiting at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show this year on March 28th and 29th. Please stop by our booth and say hello.


September 10, 2008 Unfortunately we are being forced to raise our prices due to costs from every direction going up. Just as an example our shipping costs to import our products have more than doubled in just a few years, with no end in sight. All items will be affected on October 1st, 2008. If you are making plans now is the time to buy before this increase takes place.


March 31, 2008 The 2008 East Coast Large Scale Show was a resounding success.  It was great actually meeting our customers, and chatting with everyone who stopped by our booth. This year I had the privilege of having two friendly, knowledgeable assistants, Michelle and Sarah. We were showing our prototype for the all new CONCRETE VIADUCT KITYou can see it in the photo of our booth below. For more photos and information, Click Here.

NOTE Added February 4, 2018 - The rendering below of the Viaduct is showing it as its originally planned manufacturing method of injection molding. It has since been re-engineered for manufacturing locally using a different method and is delivered assembled.

March 25, 2008 HOLY COW ! ! ! - Again

Be sure to stop by our booth at this year's East Coast Large Scale Show at the York Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania on Friday, March 28 and Saturday the 29th.

We will be unveiling an entirely NEW PRODUCT at the show. This has been in the works for some time now and we think it will be a real crowd pleaser. Of course, we do not yet have a release date, but hope to have this new product on the market later this year. For those of you who are not able to attend the show we will post photos and information about it after the show.

February 3, 2007 HOLY COW ! ! ! Sorry it's been so long since any kind of news has been posted. It seems we've been too busy making news to post anything about it. Our newest addition to our expanding product line is the 36" Concrete Pier Extension. They are now in stock and ready for your layout. Use this item below the 24" Pier Extension, which itself is used below the 12" Concrete pier to get you track up to a height that you don't have to bend over to reach! M.S.R.P. for the 36" Extension is $25.95.

Be sure to stop by our booth at this year's East Coast Large Scale Show at the York Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania on Friday, March 30 and Saturday the 31st.

And last, but not least, there will be new photos of our own layout under construction plus some more customer photos - soon.


December 15, 2005 Come see us at THE GREAT SCALE MODEL TRAIN SHOW Feb 4-5th 2006 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland. We will have our Diorama there and look forward to meeting and greeting you folks.


January 1,  2006 Bridge Price Increase in effect 01/01/06. We have been forced to increase the prices of our Deck Girder Bridges. Two primary factors have driven this: First, the price of shipping has dramatically risen, mostly due to fuel, and second, the cost of steel has also risen. It is in such great demand in China that the government has been rationing businesses there to a monthly quota. When they have used up their allotment they must wait until the next month to receive more. Our price increase affects our line of Deck Girder Bridges only. All other items will remain at their current prices. We believe our products remain the best quality and value available.

Plan ahead and buy now - before the new prices take effect. All bridges ordered by December 31, 2005 will be sold at their existing prices.

12" Deck Girder Bridge $ 59.95 $ 69.95
24" Deck Girder Bridge $ 89.95 $ 99.95
35" Deck Girder Bridge $149.95 $159.95
46" Deck Girder Bridge $199.95 $209.95
November 8,  2005 Tooling Started for 3rd Foot Extension of our wildly popular Concrete Pier. This item should be available by early spring 2006.This new item will allow you to have piers up to 3 feet high!

NEW PAGES ADDED 04/08/05 - Click Diorama button at left!
This will take you to an album showing you how our new show diorama was built.


April 1,2,3, 2005

2005 East Coast Large Scale Show was a huge success - even bigger than last year. We showed up with our all new 10' long diorama as seen below. Check back for pictures and story of how we whipped it up in 6 weeks. This diorama allowed us to display a 12", 24", 35", and 46" bridge on our new 12" and 24" piers. We also included an operating N Scale layout at the bottom to keep the little ones occupied while we talked to you moms and dads. A big thank you to all who purchased our products through any of our dealers who also attended the show.

March 22,  2005 First Production Run of our New Piers have arrived!!!  We have received both the 12" Piers and the 24" Extensions. Please see your dealer first when ordering. They are flying out the door, so don't delay.
November 17,  2004 All New Pier Test Shots have arrived These new items will let you get your layout off the ground! Expected delivery March 2005. Photo with our mascot "Buddy" (a.k.a. chew everything in sight) shows 12" Pier and 24" extension. total height 24" or one big puppy high. The two detail shots show you the corner chamfers. The bottom right photo has the blind holes on the underside drilled out in order to bolt on our Deck Girder Bridges. All hardware will be included with the pier. Please note the surfaces are not yet concrete textured in the photos. They will be on the production parts. More info click here.
August 3,  2004 Major Update!!!  New Photo Gallery 7 added. New Movie Gallery added. NEW CONCRETE PIERS ANNOUNCED on Products page. NEW 12" Deck Girder Bridges due Mid - Late October. We are sad to say the previously announced Steel Trestle System will be delayed as both the tooling and the unit prices were prohibitively expensive to move ahead with. This project is not dead, but it is on life support until we can figure a way to make them available at a price almost anyone can afford, without sacrificing detail and quality you have come to expect from us.
May 19 - 24 2004 We will be at the Mid West Large Scale Show in Springfield, Illinois and unable to process any orders during that time. Please try back.
April 2,3,4, 2004 East Coast Large Scale Show was a huge success. We displayed all of our bridges and previewed a new line of piers and abutments by Mainline Enterprise. We've added their link on both our Links and Dealer Listings pages. Michelle and I also filmed a segment for broadcast on a 30 minute TV show called Train Time. This has also been added to our links page. We will also be exhibiting at the Mid West Large Scale Show in May. Here's a shot of our booth...

February 20, 2004 UPDATE 02/20/04 46" Bridges
January 10, 2004 NEW 46" DECK GIRDER BRIDGE production finished, due here in late February.
October 31, 2003 First sample of NEW 46" DECK GIRDER BRIDGE arrives. We hope to have these in stock by early spring.
September 10, 2003 UPDATE 09/10/03 35" Bridges and 36" Catwalks are NOW IN STOCK
September 9, 2003 More photos have been posted on the Customer Photos page, be sure to have a look.

For Old News Click Here