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Concrete Viaduct

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Deck Girder Bridges - currently out of stock - see News Page


Combination Catwalk / Bridge Ties - currently out of stock - see News Page


Concrete Piers - currently out of stock - see News Page











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Deck Girder Bridges

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Made of heavy gage steel weighing a whopping 4 pounds and is coated with a realistic looking durable flat black powder coating to prevent corrosion.  It is highly detailed with simulated rivets and pedestal shoes.  The Girder Bridge comes in an attractive gift box and is FULLY ASSEMBLED. All 4 lengths have the same height and width dimensions.

Model G01121  12" Deck Girder Bridge  $89.95

Model G01241  24" Deck Girder Bridge  $115.95

Model G01351  35" Deck Girder Bridge  $179.95

Model G01461  46" Deck Girder Bridge  $234.95

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Combination Catwalk / Bridge Ties

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Designed for use with Standard Code 332 Rail - Easily modified for use with Code 250 Rail. See Code250 Conversion page for details.



A highly detailed, UV-resistant injection molded bridge tie strip that has closely spaced ties and a catwalk with metal handrails on both sides.  It features easy conversion to a single sided catwalk or no catwalk at all if desired.  Each package includes 4 six inch long tie strips, 24 snap on handrail posts, and  8 twelve inch simulated galvanized finish brass handrails.

Model G02121   12" Combination Catwalk / Bridge Ties  $22.95

Model G02001  24" Combination Catwalk / Bridge Ties  $37.95

Model G02361   36" Combination Catwalk / Bridge Ties  $55.95

Model G02481   48" Combination Catwalk / Bridge Ties  $75.90

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Concrete Piers

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Model P01121  12" Concrete Pier  $39.95

Model P01241  24" Concrete Pier Extension $32.95

Model P01361  36" Concrete Pier Extension $28.95

Model P01481  48" Concrete Pier Extension $ TBA

Model # Height A B
P01121 12" 5.8" 4.5"
P01241 24" 7.0" 5.8"
P01361 36" 8.3" 7.0"
P01481 48" 9.5" 8.3"

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