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New Product Review: Garden Metal Models


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24-Inch Deck Girder Bridge and Catwalk

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After eight years in this hobby I can safely say that when it comes to a new product, unless it is a new locomotive or freight car, not too much gets me excited.


A new manufacturer in the Large Scale arena just came out with one of the most exciting things that I have seen in some time.
Finally, someone has brought out a modern bridge to go with all of the modern Diesels and rolling stock that Aristo Craft and USA trains have started to put on the market.



Garden Metal Models, Inc. of Sykesville, MD has introduced a 24-inch Deck Girder Bridge & Catwalk. Before I get into all of the technical aspects of this product, I want to give you my personal view of this product.

I have known Steve Gugel the designer and manufacturer of this product on a casual basis where we would cross paths about every three or four years over the last eight. Last year Steve started trying to get me to stop by his home and layout in Sykesville, MD. I was busy with a project that was keeping me in New Jersey most of each week and then I got back in the office just in time to get involved with one in the Metro Washington, DC, area. Between the two I never seem to have the time to visit Steve.

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Ron Wenger

I have worked for the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command, for the last 15+ years.I am currently the Show Manager for the East Coast Large Scale Train Show.

I guess my love affair with trains started when I was three or four, steam was king then. I got a Lionel set when I was five, and have been hooked since. I Moved from 027 in the mid 1950's to HO and then to N in 1968. I got into Large Scale around 1993; my wife bought our first large scale set as a joke and is now hooked as much as I am. Sue and I have been married 30+ years.



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